Friday, May 3, 2013

That First Ding

Ken’s post over at Passes & Canyon blog about his new to him used bike already came pre-scratched brought this memory come flashing back.

True story. 12/26/1992 brand spanking new first Harley a FXSTC (that's a Softail Custom for you non-Harley folk). To say I was a proud man would be the understatement of the day. Now considering I live in Iowa you can bet that day was plenty chilly. I ride a few miles from the dealer and load it in my buddies truck to get it the 45 miles home.

I'm walking around it in the garage with a smile as big as can be. My boss and wife even drops by to have look at all the shiny black and chrome. They want to hear it and well with stock mufflers... well you know. I had always like the sound of the stock pipe on the Evo motor with just the plugs knocked out. Not to loud with a nice deep throaty rumble.

So after the boss and the misses leave I walk over to my tool box an grab my long pipe for beating on an a big BFH. A few smacks later plugs are removed and I've got to hear this thing. So instead of replacing the tools in the box first I just let the big pipe hit the concrete floor. When it did it bounce up off the floor and hit the rear fender. First paint ding! I just kind of laughed saying well I got that out the way now.

I rode 100 miles that night showing off my new prize to any an everyone and enjoying the sound of that Evo with the open mufflers.


I had a great time for 10 years and 114,000 miles on ol’ Silver until some low life piece of shit stole him in October of 2002. My buddy was just as reliable as a guy could ask for. A voltage regulators or two, a stator and countless batteries and tires. Dropped a small bolt in camshaft at about 50K for a nice little bump to 70HP and we would ride together all day long to any and and everywhere. We seen both coast together and an unknown number of states. Like I said we had a great time together. 


Miss you ol’ buddy!!!