Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rips B.A.D Ride

Not a lot of exciting things going on the life and times of fasthair lately. I guess living in Iowa can get kind of boring at times especially this late in the season. Not many if any rallies are planned this time of the year unlike some of you in warmer parts of the country who have them almost all year round.

There was a small little benefit ride for a fund raiser for diabetes on Saturday that I rode to. Rip's B.A.D Ride is a national organization that puts on little fund raisers around the country. It was the first time for this event around here that I know of. There was free food, music and a few vendors in attendance. Harley dealer Zylstra Harley Davidson sponsored the event. Local custom bike builders Radical Cycles co-sponsored the event you might say providing PA and stage accommodations. Plus a big thank you to Ron at the Garage bar for stepping up at the eleventh hour with the beer truck after the permit for beers sales didn't come through as planned. While not a great number of people showed up, I'm guessing maybe 250 bikes, they did manage to raise a fair amount of cash. From what I added up at the thank you announcements for the top people money raisers was at $3,000+ by my unofficial addition.

Fall is starting to show the colors slowly here and in the next couple of weeks things should be in full color. This weekend I went riding out in the country after the event to see what nature had in store but it is just a bit too early for the tress to be in their full majestic beauty. The farmers are out in full force bringing in this years harvest with soybeans being the crop of choice right now. I would guess in two weeks they will switch to the corn harvest. At which time I will again head out with my camera and see if I can show you some of the best mother nature has to offer from around these parts.

Last little note of maybe interest. Team Slut Drag Racing has a new member as of a week ago. Hatter officially drag raced a fellow team member Willy Lump Lump to earn is patch. Now maybe he will shut up for awhile! Kidding Hatter welcome to the fold brother. We'll have to see if his new mill is up to the task of beating yours truly next time out. Best of luck dude :-) And before anyone ask yes we had these shirts made and yes they are trademarked so please don't steal them. It has come to my attention that people would like to purchase these so I'm thinking it over. If anyone thinks they would like them let me know and I will see about getting some made. We've had white and black pocket tees and black sweatshirts made in the past along with stickers too. So let me know what everyone thinks.



IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Hey Fasthair...welcome to Blogger!

fasthair said...


Thanks you for the welcome! Hope you find it entertaining in some way.


WooleyBugger said...

I know this post is old Fasthair, but I'd be interested in a couple or three of those shirts if you do it.