Saturday, January 31, 2009

From the Phone

Ah much better! Now where? I'm thinking a taco way over there ~~~>

Update: This post was sent from my phone while I was out riding yesterday! To say it felt great would be a huge understatement! It’s hard to tell in this photo but this is at a local lake and those spots are ice fishermen on the frozen lake. Funny I seen a lot people ice fishing and motorcycle riders riding but I didn’t see a single golfer. I guess we have the better sport huh?!?! Also seen a big flock of geese flying north. Does that mean spring is on the way?

The ice has to thaw on my drive so I can go to the car wash and clean up Whiskey. As you can imagine we got pretty dirty out and about yesterday.

Speaking of ice covered driveways. I couldn’t tell there was ice on my drive when I pulled in home. Needless to say I was pretty surprised when the bike try to throw itself on the ground. I ended up going through the snow in my yard to get to the garage because I couldn’t move on the ice. Pretty funny to watch I’m sure.

A much happier fasthair


"Joker" said...

LOL! A taco??? You mean as opposed to a donut?

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said... got to ride today you lucky guy! Bet it was was a beautiful day in ole Des Moines, IA. :)

fasthair said...

Joker: Get your mind out of the gutter :) Actualy there a cool little biker bar here called Kung Fu Tap an Taco that has homemade tacos for 50 cents each with honest to God real Cokes in a glass bottles. Hard to beat that.

Ms. IHG: There were a lot of bikes out yesterday. I even seen one couple and she was wearing a pink half helmet. I thought of you then and wondered if it was you. Sorry you didn't get out to enjoy the day on the bike.


Ann said...

Glad you got out to ride! I would have loved to see you riding through the snow to get to your garage! LOL! We'll be up and running again soon. But it looks kind of cold there...brrrr!

FLHX_Dave said...

Why is this so funny to me? You just qualified yourself as the biker version of Dr. Suess.

Awesome! Thanks for the pict. That's a real bike in real snow!

Thanks for the email. I'll snap a pict of it when I get it put up.

B.B. said...

Yeah for you! Glad you got out, going through the snow in the yard sounds kinda fun!

irondad said...

Those ice fishermen would be a lot warmer if they started little fires out there, you know!

Keep up the hard core attitude.

RickNiekLikeBikes said...

Des Moines was nice. And it was great to get out in ride...and glad that although you're bike tried to hit the ground, it doesn't sound like it did!

Webster World said...

I love the ice fishing dudes in the back ground. Fasthair, In the spring you have to park in the same spot and post both photos.

fasthair said...

Ms. Ann: I can’ tell you how good it felt to get out and go for a ride! The temps were in the high 40s so it wasn’t bad out at all… at least for Iowa in the middle of winter. Is the bike all back together now?

Mr. FLHX Dave: I’m not sure why it is so funny to you either. But your comment about Dr. Suess brings to mind of the little dog with the deer antler tied to his head waggin’ his tale and smiling as happy as can be sitting on the back of he sleigh after it had just over taken him on the way down the hill to Whoville. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

Ms. BB: Riding through the snow was a lot easier to ride through then trying to slip slide my way up the drive. After about three attempts and doing nothing but sliding sideways towards the snow it hit me that it would be easier to go through the snow :)

Mr. IornDad: It was warm enough that you didn’t need a fire to keep warm on the ice. It was so warm that I wondered if they should even be out there with their trucks and such. But I guess since it has been below freeze for the better part of a month it takes more then one day of warm temps to thaw. I’ll keep it up again this weekend. Suppose to be in the high 40s again this weekend.

Mr. Rick: You got out on your bike too? Wish I would have known we could have met for a coffee and a hello. When I hit the drive I felt like Scotty Parker doing a power slide in the dirt. I’ve done it in dirt before on my bike which was fun. But the ice caught me completely off guard. I didn’t think it was cold enough for it to refreeze so quick.

Mr. Webster: I tried to get a photo at a couple of other places that would show the snow and the frozen lakes but all of the places I wanted to go to were closed for the winter. Then it hit me that this lake would be open so I headed off for it. Which was a bonus because it meant I got to ride farther! Once spring hits I’ll ride back their and get a photo for you since that ride is one of my favorite laps to take around here.


irondad said...

Webster World,
I like the idea of a Springtime photo, too. Somehow I don't think the fishermen will be wild about sitting in the middle of the lake again, though!

fasthair said...

IronDad: I like WW's idea a lot too. In fact it has sparked and idea in my head (yah I know maybe not a good thing) and am going to start a new and I hope orginal monthly feature on the ol' blog. We'll have to see how this works out.


KT Did said...

That photo from your phone is a good photo! What kind of phone do you have if you don't mind?

fasthair said...

Ms. KT: Yah I'm really surprised at how good of a photo this new phone takes. While it is nowhere near the quality of a good digi-cam it takes a pretty good picture for a phone. It is a Motorola Razr2 V9m. I'm not wild about the gold color but my phone guy didn't have the gray/black one when I needed a new phone so I had to live with it. It's got a lot of great features that I like but I think the one I dig most is the ability to send photos and make a post to the blog while out riding. It's a feature I'm going to try and make more use of. Next thing I'm going to try with it is to take a video and see if I can post that to the blog from the road.


Baron's Life said...

You did what most of us are only dreaming of right now...
The fishing guys remind me of the Ice fishing I did in my youth on Lake Champlain near Rouses Point at the New York/Quebec border. Cheers