Thursday, March 5, 2009

For Webster-From the Phone

From the phone 4 Webster. 32 days later no ice fishing now. It's official Whiskey is out 4 the season! Now I have 2 go back 2 work :-( Great lunch ride though!

Update: As stated I sent this from my phone while out for a lunch time ride. When Webster commented on the last picture I took at this place how he would like to see this same place in the middle of summer it hit me. Why wait until summer to see how things have changed? I decided it would be cool to go here every 30 days or so and take a photo and post it. This way everyone can watch how it changes through the year. It should be interesting to see how this turns out.

Hard to tell in this photo since I was too far away but there is still ice on the lake. However there are no ice fishermen out there now. The ice is way to thin to even think about walking on the ice let alone driving on it. I did see one guy fishing at the edge of the ice in open water. Nothing biting was the report. This time I did see some people playing golf since some of the courses around here have opened for the year. There was a lot of bikes out today compared to last time when I think it was just me out. Just during the time it took to send the post from my phone four bikes went by me.  



Allen Madding said...

NICE! I got all excited last night listening to the weatherguessers. They said low of only 37. So I thought cool, tommorrow would be a great day. Got oup this morning, 27 degrees. I rode anyhow :)


Motor-head Lady said...

Well lucky you! Check out the pics on my blog to see the lovely weather I have today.

I'm glad you got out for a ride. I need the whiskey just to keep my blood flowing today!

Also, I couldn't access your older posts to see the story behind the picture, but I will keep trying. Blogger has issues today.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

F*ck! We are gonna get hit with more snow.

Baron's Life said... almost snowed here...part of the city had rain, the other had hail and the other snow and yet again the other Delta, had sunshine...can't wait till riding season is here...but yes this is quite a diff pic, same spot as the snow laddeled one, but different indeed. Thanks for sharing man

Willy D said...

Yea, I remember that same picture from a month ago. I like hat lake a lot better without all that nasty white stuff on it.

Webster World said...

Thanks for remebering. That is a cool idea to let us see the season change. Riding here in Michigan now would be taking your life in your own hands. The road pot holes are the worse I've seen in my young 57yrs. It is horrible.

WooleyBugger said...

That is a cool idea Fasthair. Hey! Mark an X and park on the same spot each time. Then other readers of your blog can get their pics in the same spot kinda like that flat stanley thing.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

That is a cool idea to take a picture in one specific location every 30 days. I am going to carry that idea one step further. I am going to take a picture of my first former mother-in-law every 30 days, to show how she ages everything around her: trees, rocks, people, wildlife and fish. She aged me 50 years in the interminable seven that I was in her occasional company.

Then when the project is over, say in about a year, I will stake her down in her coffin.

We are goig to get a 67ยบ day this weekend, but my bike is apart for maintenance. I'm waiting for a custom seat as big as a Steinway baby grand piano to get installed. With a seat this large, my ass will only hang over each side by six inches.

Fondes regards,
Twisted Roads

RickNiekLikeBikes said...

It's amazing how many different ways there are to enjoy one single place.

irondad said...

Shouldn't you be rescuing the fishermen who fell in the lake when the ice melted?

anarchy said...

cool idea, fasthair!!! it will be interesting to see how the scenery changes throughout the year...

i'm planning to do the same thing with my son - taking a picture of him everyday for a year. might not see much change from day to day, but it will be neat to see over a longer period of time.