Saturday, November 28, 2009

From The Phone No Snow… Yet


Whiskeys clean... gas... sunshine,.. all check... time for a lap or two!!!


Yes I’m still alive. I must apologize for my lack of participation of every ones comments and blogs.

The ride yesterday couldn’t have been a nicer day for what time of year it is. The sun was bright and warm plus there was no wind. I wasn’t the only one enjoying what little time we have left before the deep freeze hits and we are holed up in the house just itching to get out and play. I seen a lot of bikes out on the back roads and it felt good to see them. I even seen a couple out together, him on a small dual sport and her on a even smaller pink scooter.

Speaking of scooters. Had a lady pull up next to me on my way home from work in the rain on a scooter earlier this week. I’m betting some nice rain gear is on her holiday wish list. This had to be a sight to see. Picture it. Some big bad Harley biker dude in full gear with a little scooter sitting at the stop light next to him with a little lady on it soaked to the bone with rain. She did manage a smile when I flipped her a thumbs up but I can’t think she was all that happy. She gets major bonus point for gutting it out though.

There were a few boats on the lakes with people trying to catch fish and just enjoying a nice holiday weekend. The crops are all in and some of the fields have already been turned ready for planting next years crop. In fact I only seen one field of corn left to pick in all of the hundred miles I rode yesterday. So we no longer have just corn corn corn to even look at.

I’ve actually wrote a couple of posts just haven’t sent them off to the blog. I’ve got a tech blog coming up later this week. It will have a couple of cool gadgets the tech lover in you might like for Christmas. Other then that I hope everyone has enjoyable safe and loving Thanksgivings weekend.



IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Good to see a post from you Fasthair! Looks like you got out and rode! It was a very nice day in DSM, IA!

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Happy to see you got in a Thanksgiving weekend ride. It does look a bit different from the last picture.

Willy D said...

You should ‘of motioned her over at the nearest coffee shop and bought her a cup. I’ll bet she had an interesting story.
Sorry about the no snow yet. I know you can’t wait for it :)

Ann said...

Glad you had a nice turkey weekend ride. We did too, but I'll bet it was warmer than yours. :)

"Joker" said...

You didn't mention if the soaked lady on the scoot's nipples were are a TRUE gentleman!

Nice to see you post again. Enjoy your holidays.

fasthair said...

First thanks everyone for still stopping by to say hello.

Ms. IHG: It feels good to post again. It was a great day Saturday for a ride, I hope you and Dan made it out too! Looks like we might have blown getting together for a ride this season. What is up with that? Bloggers who live hundreds of miles apart make it happen and yet we live just across the street and yet we can't even seem to at least say hello. Shit...

Mr. AHD: It's been pretty cool to watch as these photos have unfolded. It will be neat to put them together and see just how much this one spot changed over a year. Even just looking at this photo and the last I can so many changes.

Mr. Willy D: You know if I had half the quick wit you have I might have thought of that. But when you are sitting at a red light in the rain half laughing at the humor of what is before you it kind of makes it hard to think fast on your feet.

Ms. Ann: The smile put on my face to see you comment is equal to the smile I seen when Ms. IHG commented. I've read of you're new life at the front of the bike and couldn't be happier you! Reading the "guest bloggers" post of your first group ride reminded me so much of my best friend and his wild wife. She's all of four foot nothing and rides that little 883 as long and hard as anyone I know. Keep it up and please ride safe hun.

Mr. Joker: I have no clue if they were or not and to be honest I didn't even look. I can tell you however it was --- that cold if you know what I mean : ( Wish you the happiest of holidays too bro.


IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Hey fasthair...I've actually been sick and haven't been able to get out and ride. Go read more about me on my blog for the lowdown. We WILL get together next year! Can't believe we live so close and never took the time to meet up! SAD! :)

Webster World said...

Ooooh! The lake is ah looking cold.

Motor-head Lady said...

Hi Fast-Man :) looks like you and I both resurfaced...I too, have been missing from my blog for quite a long time. I'm glad to see you back!

irondad said...

It lives! It speaks! Cool.

mq01 said...

im with willyD, you shoulda waved her over for a warm up. you mighta got a run for your money ;)

its nice to see you fasthair. maybe you'll even hookup and ride with us on the west coast sometime... :) happy holidays you!!

now whiskey come on, bob and i wanna go lay out with some bikinis. whatcha think, cancun? playa del carmen? lets go...

fasthair said...

Ms. IHG: Dang girl sorry to read of your illness. Glad to hear things are getting better and that things are going to be ok.

Mr. WW: I don’t know how cold it is but I bet it’s got some ice on it after the below freezing temps we’ve had all week.

Ms. MHL: Hey looky there!!! Yes we’ve both been absent from the blogs for a while. I’ve been over to your blog but just haven’t commented. No excuse other then I suck : )

Mr IronDad: Uh huh. Nice to see you still around too!!!

Ms. MQ: And if I got beat I would lie and say it wasn’t so. A ride to the left coast sounds grand. It’s been almost ten years since I’ve ventured out the land of madness. Whiskey is in the garage pissing and moaning right now because it is snowing and we are supposed to get a foot of the damn stuff. Maybe if Bob was to call or text him he would be in a better mood. Happy Holidays to you too.