Monday, August 11, 2008

The All Iowa State Fair Part Duex

Well the fair hasn't disappoint me yet again this year. Saturday is my day to get there early and check out all of the things you can't see at night because they close the doors of some things at 9PM.

Of course the first order of business is a corn dog and a Kalona ice cream bar. These are handmade by the Amish that live there. I remember as a kid eating these all the time at the sale barn where we bought and sold horses. So needless to say after I discovered they were at the fair last year in the Varied Industries building I've been making a stop by their booth for some of these great treats. I've had three in two days and I lost count how many corn dogs and beer.

The animals are always a big draw for me. So I went and seen all the "Big" animals they always have. This year the big bull weighted in at 3,012 lbs.


the big pig was like 1,250ish pounds08-09-08_1336

and the big buck sheep was 425ish pounds. 08-09-08_1357

There was an elk that had to be the 'big rack' of the fair08-09-08_1338

This horse was like 22.5 hands tall. Hands for those who don't know is how they measure horses at the top of the withers (shoulders) and a hand is four inches.08-09-08_1423

The Big Budweiser hitch even made a couple of laps of the grounds, I didn't even know they were there this year.Bud Hitch

Not all things are big at the fair though. There was this... now all you ladies say it with me... Awwwww... This little donkey was about a week old and all of a foot tall. 08-09-08_1348

After a tour of all the barns it was time to head over and watch the animals in the birthing building. I didn't get to see any little guys come popping out but I did watch a little chicken peck his/her way out of the shell.

While sitting on a bench thinking of what to go look at next this ol' fella asked if the seat next to me was open, which I told him it was all for him. Then he looks up at the Sky Glider, a ski lift type of ride that between the two of them you can go from one end of the grounds to the other, and states "that looks fun." Come to find out it was this guys 76th birthday and was from St. Louis. This was his first time at the fair. I asked him which one was better to which he said their fair doesn't come close in size or the amount of things to do. I guess it stands to reason why the movie "State Fair" was made of (after?) the All Iowa State Fair.

I guess that is about it for this past weekend at the fair. I've got at least three more days planned with one of the days being Daddy Dave's 70th birthday bash. Should be plenty of beer and corn dogs at that. That should give my legs a chance to stop aching from the ten hours I spent walking Saturday.

Sorry the photos are so crummy but it is a phone cam.


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