Friday, August 8, 2008

Fair Time

I love the fair. So much to see and do. The big pig, the big cow, the butter cow and people watching. Not to mention corn dogs and beer! Then there is the ton of free music and entertainment. The even have a nice set of concerts for the grandstands this year which is a welcome change. I've never seen Charlie Daniel's Band before so I think I will check that out. Plus the tractor pulls is always a must do, nothing like loud and dirt for some fun.

The fair thought they would be smart and try to set a record yesterday for the most corn dogs eaten at once. They offered free admission early in the morning and a free corn dog do anyone who wanted to join in. Well they had 15,000 people show up and only had 8,500 corn dogs. Traffic was backed up for miles with people trying to get in. Here's a little tip for you out of towners. Don't take University Avenue, instead either take Grand, Walnut, or Dean Avenues, that's the super secret way locals avoid the traffic hassles.

I see everyone is getting home from Sturgis. Ran in to a buddy last night who had just got back. I of course gave him the cold shoulder when he told me he rode his trailer there. I mean come one it's only like 650 miles from here. Isn't half the fun getting there. I'll tell you about some of the trips Stan, Lisa and I have made there in the next week or so.

Well time close up shop, head to the fair. I need a corn dog and a beer.


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