Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick One

Not a lot has been going on in my world. Went to Chicago a couple of weeks ago for some updated training on Mercedes. I go to this class every year and enjoy it very much. The instructor is just a guru and he always makes learning so easy. Then several suppliers show up to hock their wares and spend money on us for a change instead of the other way around. It's great because it only cost me class, gas and hotel for the weekend. I've long since learned it is pointless to fight with these guys over who's buying drinks and dinner. There egos are much bigger then mine so I just sit back and reap the rewards :-)

Quick funny story. While having drinks across the street at the Golden Pheasant, which will surprise you if you didn't know better. In the front is more or less a biker bar but the back room fine dining at it's best. All homemade very good food. Bone in Prime Rib, Oysters Rockefeller and everything in between. Anyway I put my coat over a chair and this guy Dave yells "Hey Team Slut!" He seen my patch and the points cover on my bike that says Team Slut and knew whos bike it was. After stating he has never seen a chain like the one I use on my bike, I Told him that is what happens once you've had one stolen.

So we're laughing and having a good time talking about bikes and such. When I ask Dave what he rides he tells me a 93 FXSTC. Funny cause that is what I had before some low life piece of sh*t stole it. But I regress. He asked me about my tank size and how far I could go on a tank. Told him 5 gallons and Whiskey will go around 170/180 on a tank. Then he tells me he can only go about 130 before he needs gas. I knew that wasn't right and asked are you filling both tanks? Dave says his left gas cap isn't a cap but just a dummy cap. Stock tanks I ask? Yep he responds. Tell him he has 5.2 gallon tanks but he insist it only holds 2.5 something. We go outside I grunt and groan but I get his left gas cap off and the look on his face was that of amazement. He had own the bike for 3 years and never knew that cap came off. Needless to say he bought me a couple of Shastas'. Then he and his buddy Dennis took me around and showed me some of the sites and we had a blast.

Dang, I guess this one wasn't a "Quick One" after all. I guess I'm not as bored as I thought I was!


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