Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm Just Sick

Seems the saga of this little 400E just will not end. But after last night the little devil will be causing no one any more trouble.

The owner of the car lives in Washington state. He flew in last week and spent a week here with family and to drive it around making sure it was ok before heading home in it. He walks in to the shop this morning stating "I'm pissed my car doesn't run." Needless to say my heart sank and all I could think of what the hell is wrong now. Then he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a packet of photos. Only 120 or so miles in to his trip home and... well I think the photo says it all. The good news is the car did its job and the gentleman is walking today with just a sore body and a headache.


He was slowing for another accident on I80 near Omaha doing about 35MPH and watching the road, when this semi wasn't paying attention. The truck hit the little 400E at 60+ tossing it another 200 feet down the road. There was already State Troopers waving flashlights and the lights on the cars going. How this trucker didn't see the mess is beyond me.

I feel real bad for this guy but like I said at least he was not hurt and the car can be replaced. I put a lot of work in to this car and had a lot of pride in it after how screwed up it was when it showed up. The owner did tell me that the car drove better then it has in years and was happy he spent the money on it. I was really looking forward to seeing this little car go another 200,000 miles.


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