Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's Out of Here

I was beginning to wonder if that 400E would ever leave. But at long last this past Friday it drove out of here and I was never so happy to see a pair of tail lights in my life. Happen to run into the customer on Saturday out driving around in it and he is thrilled to have it back and running like it should. He has been without it for nine months (not my fault the other shop had it for over 6 months) so needless to everyone is happy.

In other news, ok there is none really. My brother's birthday day was yesterday (April 28) so Happy Birthday Noel. Sorry you were at work when I called but I hope you got my message and know I was thinking of you. My big day comes next week, May 6. The weather is trying to really try to be spring so with any luck it won't be raining and I can ride to go out for dinner. With any luck I will round up a date with this really nice lady I've met and all will be right with the world. If not, well it will still be ok and I'll be happy to have just made it another year getting to spend it with my family and friends. It would be nice to go the NHRA race in St. Louis this weekend but it's not in the cards. I'll just have to wait until Chi-Town I guess.


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