Thursday, March 15, 2012

Am I The Last One?

OK am I just an old fuddy duddy or what? I ask because I’m not on Facebook and it seems like everyone else and their mother is. I’ve got friends and family all who harp on me to join. To be honest I just don’t see what the big deal is. What am I missing here?  Am I just being stubborn because I can’t stand that snot nosed brat Zuckerberg? That smug ass just rubs me wrong in so many ways. Are you on Facebook?

While I’m asking questions. Here is another thing that rubs me wrong, Apple. I can’t stand that smug ass company either. I must admit though I’ve been harboring a desire to buy the new iPad. My biggest distaste for the company other than the worlds worst software for Windows, yes I’m talking about that shit software iTunes, is the smug ass fan boys that seem to think if you don’t have a Mac and an iPhone and all iThings that you are some how stupid for “putting up” with Windows. Just a FYI. I like Windows and I couldn’t run my business without it because the software I use all day long doesn’t work on a Mac or even available for that matter on a Mac. Since you don’t have to have that crapware on your PC now to sync the iPad I’m really starting to think about getting one. So who has an iPad? 

Gosh it seems like I’m on a rant today. OK fine since I am.

Google, what the hell? What have you done to my browser? I don’t care how many times I’ve told Chrome to use Google as my homepage you insist on opening the last page I had open when I closed the browser. While that’s not that big of deal it’s annoying as hell. Another thing Google since you are on my shit list today. Why do you keep populating my Google+ Stream page with content from other people I don’t even know or who aren’t even in my circles for that matter? Don’t you think if I wanted to know these people I would seek them out on my own?  The real pisser is these posts can pop up in the archives days, weeks or even months later. Would you please stop it, it’s really starting to piss me off. Don’t force me to delete all things Google in my life because I really like my Android phone and would hate to think I have to have a damn iPhone because than I would have to have the crapware iTunes on my PC again and I think you know how I feel about that! Another question Google if you will. What the hell happen to Blogger? Why is it I can’t comment on my friends blogs anymore? Every time I type a comment and hit post it disappears into cyberspace never to see it post regardless how many times I type it. I wanted to comment on Ms. M’s blog yesterday but you just refused to post it. Stop it already! You’re really starting to act like that snot nosed brat Zucherbrug!

OK now I feel better :)



Big Daddy said...

We are all still here blogging, just not as much as we all used to.
Facebook can be handy and most of us are on it now.
It's a pain in the ass but..
You go where the people are...;]

IHG said...

Wondered how you've been doing! You should join us over there on that facebook thingy. Just say'n!

fasthair said...

Big D: Hey bro good to hear from you!!! Go where the people are huh? Man that is so not my style. Not that I have a lot of style to begin with.

Ms. IHG: Hey young lady! So nice to hear from you. Been wondering about you also. Well I've got the FB join page up and filled out. Now I just have to talk myself into hitting the Join button. Ugh...


mq01 said...

look for me on FB too. lol.

that sucky (haha) FB place is good when you only have 30 seconds. i dont like to put up quicky blogposts so i keep that short shit there. plus you can increase your network there if thats your thing. i dig being able to follow friends stuff at a glance there. btw, fb is like crack, always doing/wanting/seeing more...

i agree and resisted FB for a long time. then when i gave in and joined FB they screwed me with their privacy settings, allowing my name and pics to be public when my settings were private for friends only. i found my stuff all over the www. **FB has since been busted on security and promise to be fixed.

i learned recently that FB sells/uses all profile activity, trends, likes, blah.. for marketing and advertising $$. ugh.

your other question, yup, i broke down last week and went iphone 4S. my 1st apple product. i need the art/drawing capability of apple and pc's just don't have it, and i know, im in acct/finance so i've lived pc like you. i'll tell ya fasthair, i LOVE my 4S, the damn thing just works. fabulously. instantly. with more at my fingertips than i ever imagined. so i'll be switching my whole house to apple...

go to your blogger and google profiles, check boths settings. **make sure google is set to allow multi email addresses! that one new setting screwed me up last summer and did the same shitty behavior with not letting me post/comment and kept reloading or just disappearing. azhd paul also had similar probs and i believe they were resolved when he changed his settings to allow cookies.

big hugs! how much you riding now?

fasthair said...

Ms M: That privacy thing on FB is what stops me from joining. Every time I get ready to join they do some bone head things and change personal settings to wide open. As you found out that always screws people over. Add to the fact that if you delete you profile they don't delete your stuff and keep using. The only way to stop that is to delete each item one by one and then delete your profile. They make it easy to join and very hard to leave. I'm still not sure I want to be a part of that.

I did get a tablet over the weekend, it's just not here yup but should be Tuesday. I didn't get an iPad though. I bought a Asus Transformer Prime. Since I already use Google services (phone, doc ect.) a lot the TP just plays better in my life. This thing should be bitchin'.

Still can't find that setting but I'll keep poking around.


Willy D said...

I still use Windows.
My bike has a cassette deck.
My flip phone makes calls.
Guess I’m stuck in the stone-age.

fasthair said...

Willy D: Cassette deck? Oh my. I still have a flip phone at the shop too.

I did end up buying a tablet but it wasn't an iPad. I got the Asus Transformer Prime which is a nice bit of kit. Still haven't joined FB though :)


Anonymous said...

Ditch Chrome. Try Firefox. I like my iPod. Don't have much to say about iTunes either way. It catalogs all my music and that's all I need from it. I'm on FB because it seems you can't look at people's FB pages unless you sign up. But I don't have friends so it's no big deal.

Seriously, try Firefox. It's fast and unobtrusive.

fasthair said...

Mr. No Name: I have tried Firfox in the past and it's just not my cup of tea. My work PC was the only one displaying these issues so I knew it was this machine. I flushed all the cache for Chrome and seems to have cleared the issues.

I have an Android phone so if I want music on the go I just use it. The best part is I don't need to even plug it in to "sync" it. I use an App on my phone that lets it show up in my network as a shared drive and I simply drag and drop file to and from the phone, no muss no fuss.

AS far as FB goes. Still not there. Ijust don't see it happening. I think I would use Twitter before I sighed up to FB.

Thanks for the comment.


WooleyBugger said...

I have FB, not into it much anymore. I don't like the profile building aspect of it at all. We're putting way, way to much of our private info out there and making it tough on ourselves but easy for crooks. FB is making tons of money off of us by selling and trading our info after telling us they won't and they keep changing the rules and what do we get in return? Ripped off. Ya know, even companies are now demanding to have your facebook account to keep tabs on you and that's a load of crap to me.

fasthair said...

Mr, WB: And yet another reason I don't like how FB does business. That sad part is this how much of the 'net works these days.