Monday, March 26, 2012

Got To Take the New 29er Out

Today was the first day I've really have had a chance to take my new 29er out for a proper ride in the dirt. I went with a guy who knows the trails well and where they all are.

We stated out easy enough with a quick 5 miles on the road to the trail head. This trail was pretty flat and wide. Being a rookie Ted thought this would be a good way to get to know the new ride and break into dirt riding. This was an absolute ball with some man made obstacles, trees to cross and just enough moisture in the dirt for good bite. I enjoyed this 5 miles of back woods a lot.

The next 15 miles was anything but easy. Lot of granny gear steep climbs, lots of rocks, lot of roots and big trees and tight steep downhill turns. This section was hard, slow, fast and rugged. I tried to ride slow on the downhill's as much as I could but still found trouble.

Crash number one happen on a tight turn heading back up hill. I was in a low gear and hit a root which caused my back wheel to bounce causing my forward motion to stop and over I went. Crash number two was three feet later as I was trying to get going again spinning out on the wet rocks. That drew a bit of blood when I bounced off the big rock. I didn't feel too bad because a guy who had entered the trail right in front of us there and was having the same problem. Crash number three was trying to cross a stair step over a tree. Not going very fast at all but just wasn't square and the bike slid off the side of the tree and on my butt I landed with a nice Cat 5 tattoo to add insult. 2012-03-25_14-52-48_523

Crash number four was on a rough downhill and I'm trying to go easy but clipped a tree with the left end of the handlebar. That spill tossed me down a small embankment with mud covering my right leg just for good measure. How I didn't get hurt in that one is small miracle.

All this abuse to me and the new bike never even so much as suffered a scratch that I can tell. That might change as I wash all of the mud off it later. But quick inspections on the trails after each get off didn't show any damage. It still rode and shifted just fine which is more than I can say about the rider. I've got a hunch tomorrow morning is going to feel like the first day of high school football practice.

All in all 20 miles of mud, rocks, roots, trees, hills and water crossings and I had an absolute blast. But man was it hard riding. 50 miles on my road bike is much easier!



mq01 said...

all power to you fasthair, that mountain/trail kind of riding i just cant do (i get too beat up) but it sounds like fun!

happy easter!

fasthair said...

Ms. M: Beat up is a good way to put it :) But damn it's fun and I'm ready to go again!


IHG said...

I was talking about you the other day. I get my hair cut at Blondie's on Ingersoll and the girl that cuts my hair said that she sees you riding a bike now and wondered if you were still riding the motorcycle. I said that I wasn't sure because I haven't heard from ya for so long. But anyway...if your ears were ringing and your nose was twitching...that's why! LOL

fasthair said...

Ms, IHG: Ha! Yes I still ride my Harley but mostly on weekends. A few reasons for the cut back. Mostly the "fun" was slipping from riding it everyday just because I thought I had to be a bad ass and ride everywhere anytime in any weather.

Another thing was happening in my life and that was I was turning 50, over 200lbs for the first time in my life and can't stand the gym. Remembering how much fun bicycles were as a kid I decided they would be a good way to work on the getting old and fat problem. I really kind of forgot how much I enjoyed riding them and that same joy is still present today. Now I pretty much commute with the bicycle during the week, about 15 miles round trip. I feel better today than I have in decades and have got my weight back down to 185lbs, another 10 and I'll be happy.

Who cuts your hair at Blondie's?


IHG said...

Awesome about the bike riding. I've taken up Zumba. It's really fun!

The owner cuts my hair...Kristen.