Saturday, October 4, 2008


Everyone's picture of the week thing got me thinking about this. This is what Iowa looks like (sometimes) at sunset when you going to roll your odometer over to all zeros again. Pete got in the way but I am on the other side with 99,999 miles on the odometer. It's pretty cool when your friends want to be with you to mark the milestone in motorcycling. In fact I had to stop riding so much that week to make it to our Wednesday nights gathering. Circa 2000.


Sadly ol' Silver isn't with me anymore. Some low life piece of shit stole him when I was in Kokomo, Indiana parked at a hotel. The first and only time I ever left town without my chain. Needless to say that has never happened again. Silver had 114,xxx miles the last time I seen him. RIP ol' buddy.



I must admit the new digital odometers are not near as much fun to watch the miles "roll" over since they just flash and boom next mile is lit up. Plus you can't walk up to a bike and see how many miles it has. Maybe the only thing they are good for is they will display one hundred thousand and you don't have to stick a 1 on your odometer face. I guess if anything good came out of it, it is the fact I got to buy my new bike, Whiskey. With 48K on him now I'm well on my way to the 100K mark on him too. Wonder if I can get to the 50K mark before winter hits?


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