Thursday, October 23, 2008

PCH 1/101 and a Dead Tree

This is my vacation ride of 1998. I took my laptop and posted to a web site I had at the time so my family could follow along and enjoy my trip with me. It proved to be a big hit with them and look forward to all my trips now. Hope you enjoy also.

Sunday, July 26,1998 698 miles

Well today started with a lot of hopes (I make it there and back), dreams (riding the coast highway), and sunshine (didn’t last long).

Silver and I left the city, late of course, but for good reason, we got to share coffee with JoAnn. Well kind of, I dropped hers about a mile from her house, oops sorry honey. Hey I tried! We still had a nice chat! Silver started the trip out with 82,813 miles on the clock. By the end of the day we had traveled 698 miles and felt pretty good in the butt! TOF00038Yes I know Laramie WY. isn’t that far, but we did a little running around town before we left, as I said I was late. Cool and overcast weather to begin with, then hot and sunny on the next tank to dark and just enough rain to remind me that I was in the mountains, DRAG! I must admit that I was glad that I had that new helmet, it is really quite comfortable, believe it or not. Well not much else happened so till tomorrow and somewhere in Nevada. Good night. ZZZ

Monday, July 27, 1998 604 miles

Today started out like yesterday weather-wise. By the day’s end it was any thing but an easy ride. I know we’ve all ridden through wind and rain, some of us have even ridden in sleet, hail and even snow. I know I have done all those, but today I rode through a SALT storm. TOF00010 That’s like a sandstorm except with salt! Man, what a DRAG! I know why they call it the Bonneville Salt Flats, nothing could possibly stand up to the (rumored) 80mph winds that I rode in today. I kind of wonder if I should get my head checked out!?

I know why I’m a small town country boy. I HATE too much traffic. The traffic in Salt Lake City was at a standstill. I-80 was either under construction (understatement) or closed (all the way through SLC). I did manage to make it to Wells, Nevada. Makes me wonder if I really need to go to San Francisco, just to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge? I think I’m going to by-pass the city and go north of it. Wine sounds better than steel any day. Maybe I can get a great bottle for JoAnn to make up for the coffee she didn’t get. I must admit that I did see some great countryside. Let’s hope that this keeps getting better! Till next time.

Good night. ZZZ

Tuesday, July 28, 1998 529 miles

I made it to the coast! Well almost, I stopped just short of S.F. to get a roomTOF00006 and a shower, after today’s HOT ride I stink! This morning Dan ’the pool man’ (never got his real name) asked if the snake on my seat was a good pet gone bad? After we both had a good chuckle I said “no but that’s a good one. I’ll tell everyone from now on that it is!"

Really not much too exciting as I went on, just rode, rode, and rode some more. So till next time, like tomorrow when I get to be a tourist and check stuff out. Good night. ZZZ

Wednesday, July 29, 1998 173 miles

Sure didn’t ride a lot of miles but you know the saying, quality over quantity. I finally made it to the Pacific Ocean! TOF00016 TOF00018

I didn't go through S.F. as the traffic was just too heavy, so I made a better choice and went to Napa Valley. Yes, I got a couple of bottles and a $12.00 cigar (thank you very much) and rode a nice road to get to Highway 1. The traffic is light so travel has been a breeze, no RV’s to pass or anything! I did make one small mistake though. Instead of driving I was gawking and dropped Silver in a hole (crater) at a snail’s pace, nothing hurt, unless pride counts. Silvers been doing fine, one loose rocker cover bolt which made a mess and one lost bolt on the rear fender strut, both no big deal. Met a couple from Dallas (no names again) who were riding the same route I am except in reverse, they had logged 2,900 miles on their Gold Wing so far. They said they haven’t had a lot of traffic either. The views have been picture perfect, just like on TV except I’m here (there?). Well, it’s getting dark so I’m going to sleep. Good night. ZZZ

Thursday, July 30, 1998 200 miles

How odd is it to end the day on an even number of miles? This may sound crazy (remember getting my head checked out?) but the whole reason for this trip was a challenge from Cactus to see this old dead tree in the “Valley of the Giants” in the Redwood forest at mile marker 9.12. Well, Cactus, I’ve got the picture to prove it, I found that old dead tree! I rode the best part of PCH 1 today, North from Ft. Bragg to Leggett.

TOF00026 TOF00024

The travel was a little hectic today, two stops because of construction. It’s nice on a bike, they wave you to the front of the line of cars. While at the last stop the flag lady told me that her husband had died on his Harley four days before he and their son were to leave for Sturgis. The son is taking dad to Sturgis this year, before they spread his ashes. Here’s to all the great sons, RIP dad, enjoy Sturgis!

Here’s to more miles tomorrow. I’d better or I’ll never get home on time. Good night. ZZZ

Friday, July 31,1998 461 miles

Left California today and made it to Vancouver, Washington. Have had good weather to ride in the last few days so I’m not even going to say the R word.

Going to stop by Mt. Saint Helens as I start to work my way home via Sturgis. Silver is ready for an oil change so we’ll try to find a place for that too. He’s been running great but I did have to adjust the belt today. The rock hole hasn’t healed but at least it’s no worse, although I’ve not been worried about it. There is one thing for sure, the roads out here wear all sides of your tires not just the middle like back home.

I’ve not met anybody or taken any pictures today so no stories to tell or new photos to show. Really just a riding day, so I’m going to bed. Good night. ZZZ

Saturday August 01, 1998 401miles

(I wonder how many times I have to do this before I get my PC to save it?)
I got to Mt.Saint Helens, kind of. By the time I figured it out I had passed the viewpoint road it was too far to go back, but I did see it. I met Ray from Minnesota on his FLH. He told me a story of when he dropped his motor in a hole and it took him an hour to get it upright. I don’t feel so bad! Tom from Seattle on his Suzuki told me about how hiked up the mountain before and after she blew her top. The second trip was a lot easier, it took 2 less hours. He works for Boeing and just sold 23 planes to Germany so his boss gave him Friday off, mighty white of her. God must like me. He has given me just perfect weather to ride in on this trip.

I did take one picture yesterday, probably the best photo so far, maybe I need to get my head checked out. So everyone gets a bonus picture today. Time for a shower and bed. Good night. ZZZ

TOF00017 TOF00031

Sunday August 02, 1998 519 miles

We made it to Livingston, Montana today. Did get to change oil on Silver too. Kudos to the people at Montana Harley-Davidson in Missoula, MT. for being open today. Silver was 1,000 miles overdue so it was really needed. They had the whole setup out back for Sturgis travelers. Have met people from all over today but the guy from Germany wins for farthest away. He’s riding a 700 Shadow. He has already been to Sturgis but didn’t really care for it, says the people are to “show-offish”. I guess he kind of missed the point huh? Get crazy and have a good time and see some pretty country. But then again he’s the only German I’ve ever met who doesn’t drink beer!

I knew I shouldn’t have said the “R” word, yep it rained on me today and just started to rain again as I started writing this. For some odd reason my tent wants to leak, must be ‘cause it hasn’t been wet in a while. Hopefully it will be OK or I’ll be soaked by morning. It was a nice thought the people of “Christian Motorcycle Association” had free coffee and eats at a rest stop, just about the time it started to rain. See, I told you God likes me.

Well that’s about it for today and I really didn’t take any photos today, sorry.
Good night. ZZZ

Monday August 03, 1998 571 miles

Well I did get to the little jewelry store and it’s still oTOF00034pen. The line of cars going into Yellowstone is way too long, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to come down here and cut through the park. I think I need to get my head checked out! Ran into five road construction sites, three of which had escorts. Rain on and off all day with just enough sunshine to keep you wondering.

Germans must like this place, I TOF00035met three more today. These guys had their own bikes, 47 knuckle, 52 panhead and a late evolution all with the standard German front end, hydraulic way out there and high pipes. All cool bikes, I tried to get photos of them but the escort car came before I could get my camera out of all the plastic I had covering everything. The pictures I did get of them on the road don’t show the bikes too well.

TOF00036 I made it to Sturgis today anyway even with rain the last 75 miles. So down to main street and don’t you know I’m not even off Silver before friends are yelling my name. Called Pete to let him know what it sounds like here, "see you in a few days" is the reply I get. He has never been here so he is really pumped to get here. Guess what. I ran into another German. This one is waiting for the ones I met earlier, small world. So we took some pictures and did have a beer together.

The rain has made a mud bog of the camp grounds, Silver got stuck and some folks from New York helped us out. What a bunch of nice folks. Since it was late they gave me more beer and let me camp under their tarp so I didn’t have to pitch my tent in the dark.

That’s about all my tired brain can think of. Good night. ZZZ

Tuesday August 04, 1998 482 miles

Woke up... yep raining, surprise! Hung out awhile with the people from N.Y. then hit the road. Had a stop in Wall just ‘cause it’s there. Made it to Sioux City, Iowa. Good night. ZZZ

Thursday August 05 1998 206 miles

HOME!! Mail box full of you know what but who cares, not me. Fresh cup of coffee. For some reason the rain outside is soothing?

Wow... WHAT A RIDE! Time for some reflection. 12 days, 11 states, a bunch of money and gas, one oil change an one quart of oil and a bolt I left loose. Miles total, 4,785 my farthest yet. I left to see some country I’d never seen, ride some roads I’d always wanted too and find an old dead tree.

I had a wonderful time, I really needed the time away. Now for the only reason I came home, to see the only one I care about, JoAnn, “I’ve got the wine would you make dinner?”...oh and my head, it’s alright, thanks Silver!



Lady Ridesalot said...

That was quite a long haul. Sounds like the rain had a nice trip with you, but that's par for the course sometimes. But it looks you had some nice pics to share along the way though, and that makes any road trip worth while.

Maybe your various contacts with the Germans had something to do with your connection to your BMW repair business. LOL!

I'm sure your family appreciated being able to keep up with you while you were riding. It makes you miss home less too. Thanks for blowing the dust off and old story and sharing with us. I'm looking forward to the next old relic you uncover.

fasthair said...

Mrs. RC

Thanks for the comment. It really surprised me how much my Aunts’ enjoyed it. I’ve got a couple of others I’ll dust off in the future. Oh, I work on Mercedes-Benz. We don’t say the B word in my shop :)


Lady Ridesalot said...

Oops! My bad!