Monday, October 13, 2008

Bridges of Madison County

This last weekend was the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival in Winterset, Iowa. Yes it is the same place the movie Bridges of Madison County with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood was filmed. The "Duke" John Wayne was also born in this little town. It's your basic small town USA gathering with the locals hocking their wears of hand made quilts and rugs to pottery and art work plus of course a parade and food.

While all of that might be of interst for many, it isn't really anything I find myself getting all gaga about. I go their to ride some of the better roads we have around it, namely the Cumming's highway. Yes it is a real town here spelled just that way. The little town of about 250 people have had some fun with their little slogan "I Y Cumming Iowa"

But back to the reason I went to this little town, the car show. The weather was perfect so the turn out of cars was big. While there were many types and styles the old cars and Mopars are what get my attention.



Lady Ridesalot said...

Wow! You got to see come really cool cars! Nothing like a little nostalgia to bring a smile to your face.

BTW..."Bridges Of Madison County" is one of my favorite books. I watched the movie too, but I got more enjoyment from the book than I did the film version. That's the way it usually is, though.

Motor-head Lady said...

Lady...I am with you on the movie verses the book. I loved the book. looks like you got to see some great cars and it must have been an amazing ride through the rural country-side.

I had the engine rebuilt in my Cougar in the winter of 2007, then had the wiring redone and a few other needed repairs in the hopes that I might get to do a long cruise this summer on some back roads. I love seeing the small towns.
Motor-head Lady