Monday, November 3, 2008

Dream Rides

Do you have a dream ride of a life time you want to do? Does the thought of being on your bike for days, weeks or months on end make you think of all the possibilities? Traveling to remote corners of the planet Earth just to see it, to enjoy the culture, the people, make you wonder what if? Not to mention the Adventure of it all. I know I do.

When I first started to write this blog I really didn't have a master plan. I soon discovered that there are many fellow riders out here in the "Blogsphere" that share the same passion for motorcycle riding. I've managed to meet new people, maybe even make a new friend here and there. But the one thing I've enjoyed the most are the Road Stories, which is why I am recycling some of my old vacation stories. Weather they are just weekend get-a-ways or weeks long Adventures I love reading about them, some of these blogger's are seriously great writers. I enjoy their talents with the written word. I find more blogs I enjoy it seems almost everyday and as I do I add them to the roll.

Having just discovered the term "Adventure Riding" I am finding a complete new "breed" of rider. I had always used the term. Every trip Stan and Lisa and I take is always and adventure and we are always saying the term "it's about the adventure." I've got a couple of these adventures cued up for posting shortly. But these "Adventure Riders" are not just taking long vacations but rather epic rides. Ted Simon might be the God father of this type of travel when he rode around the world in the 70s and wrote his book "Jupiter's Travels." Great read, get it. As if that wasn't enough Ted did it again at the age of 70, twenty five years later!

The Dream Ride. I've got three I would like to take. Listed in the order I would like to do them. Weather I get to make them all happen in my life time only God knows that answer. But to start I would like to ride Alaska. Then I want to ride Europe. This is something I've wanted to do for so very long. This would give me the knowledge to know if I can, in fact, handle the big one. Yes, I would like to ride around the world. Maybe not as epic as Ted's ride but something just as adventuress. Make no mistake this isn't for the faint of heart. One thing I've learned from reading these Adventure rides is what the person learned about themselves .

Just so you don't think I've fallen of the deep end here. The world is full of these Adventure riders, just check out the Horizons Unlimited web site for proof. And if anyone understands these feelings and ideas I would think it would be my fellow rider. After all we understand why we ride but we do it for our own reasons too. But it all boils down to the same thing. Adventure.

So tell me, what is/are your Dream Ride(s)? I would love to hear about them. Maybe you have already taken your Dream Ride, great, write about it with all the guts, with all the glory. I challenge all my fellow blogger's to post your Dream Ride.

It just might be time for me to start planning "Alaska 2009."



Arizona Harley Dude said...

Fasthair, I waited 45 years to ride to Alaska and went this past June. You can read about the trip here,, the posts are all in June 08. It was everything I expected and more. If you have ever wanted to make the trip you need to go. Guaranteed you won't be sorry.

fasthair said...


Now that's what I'm talking about! Thanks for the read and insite on what to expect along the way. Looks like I will be riding with the rain suite a lot.

Love the name of your bike and her little tag a long :)


B.B. said...

Well, my dream ride is on a lot smaller scale than yours, but since I haven't been riding long it will do. Besides after I go on this dream ride I can always move onto something bigger right? Anyways, my dream ride is to ride to the Grand Canyon. Dave and I are planning a special ride there and "hopefully" it will be to celebrate a special occasion sometime within the next year. Of course I'll keep you posted!

Stacy said...

Whatever you do, do not, DO NOT go to -- unless you want to lose days of your life looking at amazing pictures and reading tremendous ride reports!

TRT said...

Right now, Alask sounds pretty dreamy (word?), but a ride up the Pacific highway from SoCal to Washington state would be awesome too. I also read an article about 12 couples who went to Europe and rented Electaglide Classics and road accross 5 countries. So I have a lot of dream rides. Nice scooter by the way.

fasthair said...

B.B: That's the great things about "dream rides" they are yours! The Grand Canyon is just jaw dropping. The first time I pulled up on the south rim my mouth was full of dirt from draggin’ on the ground at the sight of it. I've been to both sides of it, you’ll love it. I'll have to write about that some time, it was 1993 before PCs and digi cams.

Stacy: Thanks for the warning. I've been trying real hard to... not... go... there! OK I lied, but I got lucky I was at work so I couldn’t spend much time there. But what little I did see you are right, great photos. Will have to spend some more time there.

TRT: I've done the PCH and yes it is a great ride. My post of it is in the October archives. You've got a nice start on your Fat Boy keep us posted on the progress. Thanks for the compliment on my bike. Whiskey and I are having a lot of fun!

KT Did said...

I would still like to ride America. You know, all the back roads and eat at all the great diners and maybe hit an old antique gas station that still pumps gas. Eat a good pot of beans with people I meet and some home churned ice cream before I hit the road again. You know... kinda like an Andy Griffith, Aunt Bea and Opy town trip across the U.S.
By the way, thank you for the well wishes on my riding friend CC! Means a lot.

Lady Ridesalot said...

My dream ride is to hit every state in America. I have been to several of them in my life, but not on a motorcycle. If I won the lottery, I would ride for one year, and then sit back and decide what I want to do next. I'm just a "dream weaver"!

KT Did said...

Hey There!
I fixed it for you. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
By the way, I really like the header pic! Very cool!

fasthair said...

Lady R, Ms. KT

America does offer some great places to ride for some great adventures. I've got some others places here in our great country I want to explore. Route 66 comes to mind right off hand, Americana at its best.

MS. KT thanks for the fix. The header photo is a great one. Read the post "Are You Talking to Me?” for the story behind it.