Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Got This One This Time

OK 351 miles later I got this Tag. I was sweating it all the way home though. About five miles from the Little Brown Church I met a bike heading south on highway 218 and all I could think of is so help me if this guy got this Tag before me! I did see five bikes on the road today though. Two Goldwings, A H-D Sporster, the bike near the Little Brown Church was some sort of a Honda cruiser, some kids playing on a dirt bike and after the sun went down I think it was a rocket bike on the interstate. When I took off it was about 38F at 11:00AM and when going by the bank near home it said 48F at 7:00PM. Funny how up in the northeastern Iowa the lakes all have ice on them. Stopped in Washua, Iowa after getting the Tag for a hot meal and the bank there said it was 38f. I took two lane roads all the way there and had planned to take them home too but... I made wrong turn and by the time I figured it out I lost an hours worth of day light and cost myself 50 extra miles, so I hit the four laners to make time. Oh I seen a Bald Eagle sitting in a tree on the way there.

Little Brown Church

For a reward on a job well done I'm going to sit here and eat a hot pizza and bask in my victory! If anyone wants to play this game go to ADVrider and see if they have a game in your region. It's fun plus it give you a reason to go for a ride... like we need one of those huh?


Update: Crap I forgot the most important thing... I rolled over 50,000 miles on Whiskey today!


Willy D said...

Sounds like fun. That Bald Eagle might have been waiting on some rocket bike road kill. How fast was it going?

TRT said...

Thanks for the post, I'm going to check out that link. Always looking for an excuse to go riding.

SheRidesABeemer said...

Congrats on your snag! The thrill of victory, the agony of frozen feet!

Allen Madding said...

50k, congrats! She's just broke in good :)

fasthair said...

Willy D: The Bald Eagle was very cool to see. They stop in town here every year as they move spring and fall. Kind of surprised to see it this late in the year. As far as the rocket bike I have no idea how fast it was going. It was dark and on the other side of the interstate. Wasn’t sure I seen him until I looked in the mirror.

TRT: Good luck on playing Tag but I looked in Texas region and don’t see a game of Tag-O-Rama posted. Maybe join and post the idea and see how it goes. Texas is a damn big state, got to be lots of things to Tag.

Ms. SRaB: There you go again with your sharp wit. But the really funny thing is my feet were the only thing that got cold really. I would ride wiggling my toes for a few miles to get some blood flow going. Getting the replacement Tag today was worse then Sundays ride and it was only an hour round trip with sunshine. But oh how that wind whipped.

Allen: Thanks. It’s kind of a special feeling to watch that milestone happen. The old bike, Silver, had a 114K when some low life piece of shit stole him. Motor was 100% original except the small performance cam I installed at 50K. Whiskey has had a lot more performance work to the engine and except for the crappy Jim’s lifters I have no trouble with this engine either, or anything else for that matter. Hit the button, point and shot.


RickNiekLikeBikes said...

The eagles are out...flying with them is a good way to go.

fasthair said...

Rick: Yes riding with the Eagles is a good way to go. Can't think of a better way to put it, thanks.