Friday, November 21, 2008

F&B Racing

Big D mentioned in one of his comment about the drag bike in the slide show at the side of my blog. After this post Big D you will need to soak in a tub full of ice water to cool off!

That is my good friend Dave "Frog" Kent. Taking him racing was some of the  most fun things I've ever had in my life. There is nothing more exciting then watch a nitro powered Harley rip down the quarter mile. The sound, the feeling and that smell. Oh that smell of nitro, I love it! When the "Strip Tease" was on kill that "pop" out of the pipes was music to my ears. Watching Frog, all 130 pounds of him 60+ years of age, wrestle that snarling beast down the track was pure joy. The best part was to see the smile on his face when he made a good pass. He was like a kid who just discovered sex for the first time. And yes he always wore the silly pok-a-dotted hat :)

Frog & Strip Tease RIP Bro 

Unfortunately Frog is no longer with us. He passed like summer while on a club run from complications of diabetes. I'll write about some of our races in the future posts. I just wanted to share my friend with everyone. The video was done with a point and shot digi-cam so it's not of the best quality but I think you will enjoy it just the same. Make sure to turn the volume up!

Oh and speaking of Big D I'm going to be a blog whore and plug his kick ass biker fiction blog. If you like stories you've read in Easyriders and the like you will like Big D's writing. Just go read it for yourself. Truly entertaining reading.



Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sweet! that takes a lot of balls to want to go that fast on any motorcycle!

RIP Frog!

Lady Ridesalot said...

I can imagine the adrenaline rush! I would like to run mine down a drag strip... just for fun. To see what I've got. Just for fun. Hee Hee!

TRT said...

Cool post, sorry for the loss of your friend. Cool video too.

Camron said...

Holy Handlebars that looks like FUN! ! ! !
I hope I still enjoy riding the wind that fast when I'm 60...
I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, and I'm glad you chose to share your memories of him with us.

Thanks for stopping By Adventures In Chrome. It's great to see new faces.
So you spent some time in Bryce? I had to skip Bryce canyon because of time constraints and a serious lacking schedule, but I fully intend to go back someday to make up for what I missed.
Take Care & I'll catch you on the road!

Allen Madding said...

I grew up in the Drag Racing world as my older brother has drag raced since I was in high school. I love to be in the middle of whatever he is campaigning and the cars have gotten faster and more expensive over the years.

I've always had a great deal of respect for the folks drag racing motorcycles. It really takes nerve :)

KT Did said...

I'd be afraid to see my face riding like that...I think others would too:) That's really for a special type of person.
Sorry for the loss of your friend. Diabetes sucks.

fasthair said...

Mr. M: When asked why drag bike racing and not football Frog replies “because it takes two balls to ride a drag bike!”

Ms. Lady R: I think you should go for it! It really is a rush doing it. Be sure to get pictures and let us enjoy it with you.

TRT: Thanks you. I miss Frog and taking him racing a lot.

Camron: Nice to see you stop by my place too. One of these days I’m going to get all of my photos scanned in from my two trips to the Grand Canyon which in clued Bryce.

Allen: If there is a better time then spending the day at the drags I don’t know what it is. Be nice to see a picture of what your brother races sometime.

Ms. KT: Like Lady R I think you should try it. I promise it will be more fun then you can imagine. And yes Diabetes does suck. I lost my Grandpa to it too. Thanks for your thoughts too.


Big Daddy said...

Thanks for the plug.
Losing your friend sucks.
It reminds me to Let my friends know I'm proud to call em family while I still can.